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Thought Elevators

Thought Elevators
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Many netizens wrote to me in letters to sum up roughly how they spent a lot of money and time still failed to hand in girls or how to spend a lot of effort and energy still can not get the girl's favorite recognition and asked me if I have a line The effective way to crack? Also asked me what circumstances the success rate of chasing girls is relatively high?
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In fact, chasing girls with doing anything else is the same, not only need to have the dignity of perseverance and perseverance, but also the pursuit of dead skin Pilai pursuit of the face, more importantly, also need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages, and the only way Road, timing right, hard work, the chance of success will multiply.
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Of course, when recite girls, boys must understand the "details determine the success or failure" of the reason, because the details are often the most likely to be touched by the softness of girls, but also the most easy to catch the best girl know-how.
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Now the workplace is very cruel, there is no distinction between men and women, and women's physiological pressure capacity and men are different from the more prone to fatigue in the event of setbacks, more susceptible to emotional impact, therefore, when the girls in the psychological When tired, more willing to accept the man's affection. This is why girls are more likely to accept another romance when they are lovelorn, or why girls are more likely to accept the warmth of men in difficult work environments. … c=195227.0 … ?tid=93110 … 215#p71215 … 77#p242077 … c=190132.0 … 3&t=101522 … 5&t=170704 … tid=218595 … 1&t=133961 … =1210307.0 … tid=336694


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